Brändö Lax is a fish farming company founded in 1984. We raise rainbow trout and whitefish in the Åland Islands for the Finnish market. This is local food at its best.


Brändö Lax

Every year we lift around 2 million kilos of fish onto Finnish plates. In the beginning, it was only 70,000 kilos. Comparing these figures makes our growth story concrete: we have become one of the most significant fisheries in Finland. Our revenue is currently at 14 million euro.

As a contemporary pioneer of fish farming, it has always been a given to care for animal welfare and live up to environmental protection regulations. We follow the Benella feeding concept, which means that a major share of the fishes’ nutrition comes from a nearly closed cycle. The end result is pure and nutritionally ideal fish for further refinement.

We experienced the rise of our field in the 1980s, and in the following decade grew through a period of tightening environmental regulations. Due to our continuous development work, the environmental impact of our fish farming is nowadays significantly smaller. Over the years, research and technology in our business have developed in strides.

Our rainbow trout (Onchorchyncus mykiss) and whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus) grow in the clean waters of the Archipelago Sea (Saaristomeri) just a short distance and efficient cold chain away from the stores. We deliver cleaned rainbow trout, whitefish and roe on the day of the catch to several fish wholesalers and processors. Brändö Lax is a healthy and safe food fish for consumers.

We collaborate with the Natural Resources Institute Finland and all the bigger operators in the market. For us it is a matter of pride that the company’s shareholders have also always been involved hands-on in the practical work.

With best regards,
Karl-Johan Henriksson