Our fish, grown in the Sea of Åland, are always high quality. The rainbow trout and whitefish are provided with quality nutrition, and their living conditions are well cared for to make sure the fish develop into a nutritionally high quality and safe food.

Fish farming requires clean water and areas where the water cycle is strong and cool enough in the summer. The Brändö environment is ideal.

The rainbow trout and whitefish of Brändö Lax have quality protein and good fats. The fats are soft and have a positive impact on cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Protein, fats and bioactive materials make fish good for your health.

Fish is also an important source of D vitamin.

The Finnish Heart Association has granted Benella rainbow trout the Heart Symbol, which signifies to people that it is a better, healthier choice in its category.



Coregonus lavaretus, European whitefish

The whitefish raised by Brändö Lax are of the Finnish Kokemäki breed. It is known for its appreciation of clean, cool and oxygen-rich waters. Whitefish makes for a tasty meal, and its popularity has seen a steady rise from the start of the millennium. Farmed whitefish is fattier than its wild cousin, and is therefore excellent for grilling and curing.

Our whitefish product is a whole, cleaned whitefish.



Onchorchyncus mykiss

Responsibly farmed Brändö Lax rainbow trout is an excellent and healthy food fish. It is grown in the Sea of Åland’s waters in Åva, Brändö like our whitefish. We clean the fish in the morning and it is delivered for sale to the fish processing facilities during the same day. Rainbow trout is Finland’s most popular seafood.

The Finnish rainbow trout is an imported breed from the Pacific Ocean. Locally the fish has become known as “kirjolohi”, which roughly translates to colourful or radiant salmon. 

Our rainbow trout products are a whole individual and roe.